Free Folio Printable Kit and Tutorial

printable folio kit
printable folio kit
Get a free printable Bee Journal Kit and Tutorial. Sign up today and complete your Bee Folio with only a printer, tape, and scissors.
Looking for a fast, fun craft project to help add some spark to your inspiration?
Join Mixed Media Supplies, for this free printable and tutorial to make this delightful Bee-Inspired Folio!

Get the Free Vintage Bee
Folio Kit!

No complicated supplies or drawing skills are required for this folio project! It is the perfect activity to do in just one evening, whether you want to do it yourself or share the finished results with friends. You don't have to worry about having advanced artistic abilities or having to gather a bunch of difficult-to-find materials. This project is designed to be simple and enjoyable, allowing you to create something beautiful without hassle. So, grab your Free folio and get ready to unleash your creativity in a fun and stress-free way!